Welcome to GORTINI POLE FLOATS, home of precision made hand built pole floats that offer superb performance and exceptional durability.

GORTINI Quality Handmade Pole Floats are used by anglers throughout the UK & into Europe.

Unlike many mass produced pole floats, you can rest assured that GORTINI floats will withstand the rigours of today's commercial fisheries.


Tough as old boots’, as quoted by Angling Times, and Improve Your Coarse Fishing magazines, in 2019, and labelled as ‘Tough And Tactical floats


The GORTINI POLE FLOATS brand has become a popular name in the match fishing circuit. Multiple match wins, spanning across the UK, have been achieved by anglers using GORTINI floats, and are now exclusively used by many match and club anglers alike.


Designed and built using a culmination of over 30 yrs experience pole fishing, combined with collaborations from other match anglers spanning the UK, GORTINI POLE FLOATS has patterns to cater for most commercial and club water coarse fishing situations, no matter what the season.


All GORTINI POLE FLOATS are produced in-house using the highest grade of materials.

Each individual float type has been thoroughly field tested and fine-tuned, before being put into build production, and subsequent retail.

The final uniquely coloured GORTINI float finish is designed specifically to blend with any water situation and be as unobtrusive as possible.


Float tips come supplied as a single Red, Orange and fluorescent Yellow, within a standard set. However, by request, GORTINI POLE FLOATS can blacken any number of tips in your order, or supply single colour sets, should you wish.*


About GORTINI handmade pole floats

Boxed GORTINI POLE FLOATS ready for postage
Boxed GORTINI POLE FLOATS ready for postage

*For alternative tip colour requirements, please ensure you add a ‘note to seller’ during your PayPal payment, or email us immediately at point of sale, detailing your preferences, using the ‘Contact seller’ option on eBay.

Please note; Postage may be slightly delayed, due to additional build times



All GORTINI POLE FLOATS orders are posted out on the same, or next working day, of you having placed your order.**

All orders are securely boxed for postage, ensuring safe delivery to your door

Boxed GORTINI POLE FLOATS ready for postage
Boxed GORTINI POLE FLOATS ready for postage

**Working days are Monday to Friday, and do not include the weekend.

Weekend orders will be posted on Monday mornings (with exception to Bank Holidays)



Become part of the GORTINI POLE FLOATS community…


Many users of GORTINI POLE FLOATS have shared their match wins, top practice season weights, and/or great specimen catches, on the GORTINI ‘Great Nets’ blog - Part of the GORTINI FaceBook and Instagram pages.

We look forward to hearing from you with your story, and seeing your name next in the GORTINI ‘Great Nets’ blog posts!

Simply send in details of your session, and have it posted on the blog!***

GORTINI Great Nets picture.jpg

***Due to the growing popularity of the GORTINI ‘Great Nets’ blog, especially during the busier times of the season, it may not be possible to post details of every story sent in, however please do send your news in, along with your name, details of your venue, float used, baits and specimen caught and/or your net weights. Don’t forget to include an image, as well, if possible.

We look forward to hearing from you, and we’ll do our best to get it online!

Hopefully you’ll be the next name up on the GORTINI ‘Great Nets’ blog, for all to see!



Thank you for taking the time to look at the GORTINI POLE FLOATS website.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the existing GORTINI community, and GORTINI float users for the tremendous support already given! - It’s a pleasure to be supplying you with GORTINI floats and products!!


Tight lines!



Just for ref;

GORTINI POLE FLOATS that are constructed using 1 mm carbon, 1mm clear fibreglass, or 1mm black fibreglass, would use a 0.7mm soft silicone, to attach it to your main rig line.

The GORTINI ‘NiTi Ultra wire’ floats, which use a solid 0.6mm Nickel titanium wire stem, require a 0.3mm soft silicone, to attach to line.

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