Welcome to GORTINI POLE FLOATS, home of precision made hand built pole floats that offer superb performance and exceptional durability.

High Quality Handmade Pole Floats

Chianti Margin Paste Slim Dibber 

‘Tough as old boots’, as quoted by Angling Times, and Improve Your Coarse Fishing magazines, in 2019, and labelled as ‘Tough And Tactical'


Cheshire, United Kingdom

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Each float is carefully handmade using my own in-house custom manufactured jigs.

This allows for 100% consistency throughout the entire GORTINI POLE FLOATS range, ensuring the duplication of High Quality Handmade Pole Floats every time.

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Within the website Menu Tabs you will find access to the ‘Products List’ page. 

This page provides a full list of all GORTINI products, including GORTINI clothing, hand towels, and vinyl logos, as well as the entire float range.

Each item is detailed individually, and linked to its relevant GORTINI POLE FLOATS sales listing. Simply click the title name of the product to access the eBay sales listing.

All floats sold in sets of three, via the eBay ‘click for sales’ link 👍

Or Email me for direct sales, via PayPal invoice or bank transfer

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"Designed and built using a culmination of over 30 yrs experience pole fishing, combined with collaborations from other match anglers spanning the UK, GORTINI POLE FLOATS has patterns to cater for most commercial and club water coarse fishing situations, no matter what the season."